Life As He Had Known It was published as part of the short story collection Repetition Patterns, which was released by CCLaP in 2008. The collection represents Part One of the linked short story collection UPSTATE re-released in 2020 by Tortoise Books (and originally released under the title The New York Stories by CCLaP in 2015).

Life As He Had Known It is read by Alice Kaltman (BIO below).

INTRO/OUTRO music is Drinking of Me and was generously provided by Monkey Wrench.

Alice Kaltman is the author of the story collection STAGGERWING, the novels WAVEHOUSE, THE TANTALIZING TALE OF GRACE MINNAUGH, and DAWG TOWNE. Her newest book ALMOST DEADLY, ALMOST GOOD,  a linked collection based on the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues, is out November 22, 2022. Alice's words appear in journals like Lost Balloon, The Pinch, Joyland, Hobart and BULL, and in numerous anthologies. She's not thrilled by the sound of her own voice, but you might like it. If so, you can hear her read her work at Micro Podcasts, Elevator Stories, and No Contact. Alice splits her time between Brooklyn and Montauk, NY where she lives, surfs, and swims with her husband the sculptor Daniel Wiener and Ollie the Wonder Dog.

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This episode stars Jackson Bliss (Dream Pop Origami, Counterfactual Love Stories, Amnesia of June Bugs). It was recorded over the Zoom between the This Podcast Will Change Your Life home studio in Chicago, IL and Bliss' home in the City of Angels in September 2022.

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