This episode stars Andrew Keating (Participants). It was recorded in Chicago, IL (and Baltimore, MD) at the kitchen table in November 2012 while possibly wearing plaid.

Direct download: LiveYourselftoDeathNovember2012.mp3
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This episode stars Sarah Terez Rosenblum (Herself When She's Missing). It was recorded at the DePaul University Campus Bookstore (not the Harold Washington Library) in Chicago, IL in November 2012.

Direct download: WhatWomenWantNovember2012.mp3
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This episode stars Mike Bushnell (I Am A Party). It was recorded walking along Kedzie Boulevard and Armitage Avenue in Chicago, IL in October 2012.

Direct download: PocketsofConsciousnessOctober2012.mp3
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This episode stars Melinda McIntire and Carly Oishi (Solo in the 2nd City). It was recorded at Cole's in Chicago, IL in August 2012.

Direct download: RoadHeadAugust2012.mp3
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This episode stars Russ Woods and Meghan Lamb (Red Lightbulbs). It was recorded at Cole's in Chicago, IL in July 2012.

Direct download: BlackHulaHoopsJuly2012.mp3
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Our most Wentastic Fiftieth Episode stars Patrick Wensink, yes that Patrick Wensink (Broken Piano for President, Sex Dungeon for Sale!), and special guest Megan. It was recorded at Cheesie's Pub & Grub in Chicago, IL in August 2012.

Direct download: GoatBoyAugust2012.mp3
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This episode stars Jesse Jordan (Gospel Hollow, RUI) and surprise guests Robert Duffer and Eric May. It was recorded at Sheffield's in Chicago, IL in June 2012.

Direct download: GetRightWithJesusJune2012.mp3
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"This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode Forty-Eight - Have You Seen Me."

This episode stars Katherine Scott Nelson (Have You Seen Me). It was recorded at Cafecito as part of the Have You Seen Me Blog Tour in Chicago, IL in May 2012.

Direct download: HaveYouSeenMeMay2012.mp3
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This episode stars Amber Sparks (Shut Up/Look Pretty). It was recorded at Open City in Washington, DC in April 2012.

Direct download: Death.AndDecayApril2012.mp3
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This episode stars Ryan W. Bradley (Code for Failure, Prize Winners). It was recorded at Beauty Bar as part of the Ryan W. Bradley Fails The Internet - the Code for Failure blog tour 2012 in Chicago, IL in March 2012.

Direct download: CfFMarch2012.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:56am CDT

This episode stars Casey Bye, Jon Fullmer and Steve Tartaglione (Knee-Jerk Magazine). It was recorded at Beauty Bar in Chicago, IL in March 2012.

Direct download: KneeJerkMarch2012.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:49pm CDT

This episode stars old friend Jason Fisk (Salt Creek Anthology, The Sagging: Spirits & Skin). It was recorded at Spyners Pub as part of the Salt Creek Blog Tour in Chicago, IL in February 2012.

Direct download: SaltCreekMarch2012.mp3
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