This episode stars Matt Rowan (Untoward Magazine). It was recorded at El Presidente Restaurante in Chicago, IL in December 2011.

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This episode stars Geoff Hyatt (Birch Hills @ World's End). It was recorded at Cafecito in Chicago, IL in November 2011.

Direct download: FrothyNovember2011.mp3
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This episode stars Brandon Tietz (Out of Touch, We Are Vespertine). It was recorded at Beauty Bar in Chicago, IL in September 2011.

Direct download: RubOneOutSeptember2011.mp3
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This episode stars Byron Hatfield (The Pub Theater, Bye Bye Liver). It was recorded at Rocks in Chicago, IL in August 2011.

Direct download: TracyLordsisDead.HatfieldAugust2011.mp3
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This episode stars Lauryn Allison Lewis (The Beauties). It was recorded at Eva's Cafe  in Chicago, IL in June 2011.

Direct download: TheBeautiesJune2011.mp3
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Nerves of Steel West Virginia was recorded at The Empty Glass in Charleston, West Virginia in June 2011. It stars Harold Ray, Barry Graham, Scott McClanahan and Angel Babies, Ben Tanzer, Jay Hill and a cast of thousands.

Direct download: NervesofSteelWestVirginiaJune2011.mp3
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This episode stars Joseph G. Peterson (Beautiful Piece). It was recorded at Manny's Cafeteria & Delicatessen  in Chicago, IL in May 2011.

Direct download: TimbreMay2011.mp3
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This episode stars Caleb J. Ross (Charactered Pieces, Stranger Will). It was recorded via Skype as part of the Stranger Will Tour for Strange from the home office in Chicago, IL in April 2011.

Direct download: StrangerWillApril2011.mp3
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This episode stars Jesse Bradley (Dodging Traffic, The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You Is a Robot). It was recorded outside The Flat Iron in Chicago, IL in May 2011.

Direct download: IMisstheCuddlingMay2011.mp3
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This episode stars BL Pawelek (Monkeybicycle, Pank). It was recorded at the Roman Candle in Middelton, WI in April 2011.

Direct download: NotCloseAtAllApril2011.mp3
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