This episode stars Cory Martin (Love Sick, Write Out Publishing). It was recorded over the Skype between the This Blog Will Change Your Life corporate offices in Chicago, IL and Martin's home in Venice Beach, CA* in December 2016.

*Unquestionably the greatest place in the world, despite our 14 year-old's protestations to the contrary.

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This Commercial for This Handbook Will Change Your Life 001 - TACOS* by the Cyn Vargas Will Change Your Life was recorded in The Chase Tower Food Court in Chicago, IL in December 2016.

* This Handbook Will Change Your Life 001 - TACOS is coming soon though you should not hesitate to pre-order now thank you (

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This episode stars Gint Aras (The Fugue, Finding the Moon in Sugar). It was recorded in Chicago, IL in the Winter Garden at the Harold Washington Library in November 2016.

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This episode stars Alice Kaltman (Staggerwing) and includes an unplanned guest appearance from the quite fab visual artist Rob Funderburk. It was recorded in Chicago, IL at the Chicago Book Expo, which was being held at Columbia College, in November 2016.

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This episode stars Len Kuntz (I'm Not Supposed To Be Here and Neither Are You). It was recorded in Seattle, WA at the home of Dane Bahr and Dock Street Press in August 2016.

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This episode stars Masande Ntshanga (The Reactive). It was recorded in Chicago, IL at Revival Food Hall in September 2016.

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This episode stars Chris Tarry (How To Carry Bigfoot Home). Not Chris L. Terry. It was recorded in Los Angeles, CA at AWP in March 2016 and wraps-up our series of AWP 2016 podcasts.

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This episode stars Leland Cheuk (The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong, Letters from Dinosaurs). It was recorded in Chicago, IL in the lobby of the Allegro Hotel in July 2016.

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This episode stars Susan Messing (Messing With a Friend, The Real Live Brady Bunch). It was recorded in Chicago, IL on the back porch and in the kitchen of Susan Messing's house* in July 2016.

*Please note, that it is quite possible that you will encounter a leaf blower around the sixteen minute mark and that said leaf blower may factor into the conversation for approximately two minutes.

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This episode stars Alex Kudera (Auggie's Revenge, Fight for Your Long Day). It was recorded in Los Angeles, CA at AWP in March 2016.

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