This episode stars Kathleen Rooney (For You, For You I Am Trilling These Songs, Rose Metal Press). It was recorded at Argo Tea in Chicago, IL in December 2010.

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This episode stars Victor David Giron (Sophomoric Philosophy, Curbside Splendor). It was recorded at Beauty Bar Chicago in Chicago, IL in November 2010.

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This episode stars Kate Duva (So You Think You Have Nerves of Steel?). It was recorded at Celtic Crossings Irish Pub in Chicago, IL in October 2010.

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This episode stars Harold Ray (THE2NDHAND). It was recorded at The Hungry Brain in Chicago, IL in October 2010.

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This episode stars Mark Brand (Red Ivy Afternoon, Silverthought). It was recorded at The Whistler in Chicago, IL in September 2010.

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This episode stars Brandon Will (The Book Cellar). It was recorded at Brando's in Chicago, IL in August 2010.

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This episode stars Jason Pettus (CCLaP). It was recorded at McGinny's Tap in Chicago, IL in August 2010.

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This episode stars Jacob Knabb (Another Chicago Magazine, Nerves of Steel) and friends. It was recorded at Innertown Pub in Chicago, IL in July 2010.

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This episode stars Jason Fisk (The Sagging: Spirits & Skin). It was recorded walking along Dearborn Street in Chicago, IL in June 2010.

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I had the opportunity to talk literature on WGN Radio 720 with Orange Alert's Jason Behrends and our hosts Alex Quigley and the always lovely La Guth. Fun was had . Lives were changed. And rain was dodged. Please enjoy.

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