This episode stars Collin Kelley (Conquering Venus). It was recorded at The Flying Biscuit Cafe in Atlanta, GA in November 2009.

Direct download: FlyingBiscuitsNovember2009.mp3
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This episode stars Shannon Burke (Safelight, Black Flies). It was recorded at Old Town Ale House in Chicago, IL in August 2009.

Direct download: LonerFreakAugust2009.mp3
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This episode stars Greg Gerke (There's Something Wrong With Sven). It was recorded walking along Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL in August 2009.

Direct download: ALotofJibberishAugust2009.mp3
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This episode stars Tim Frederick (Baby Got Books). It was recorded at Manuel's Tavern in Atlanta, GA in August 2009.

Direct download: Self-ServingAugust_2009.mp3
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This episode stars Scott McClanahan (Stories, Stories II). It was recorded on the Brown Line and walking down Diversery Parkway in Chicago, IL in July 2009.

Direct download: LightningandWomenJuly2009.mp3
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This episode stars Barry Graham (The National Virginity Pledge, Dogzplot). It was recorded at Innertown Pub in Chicago, IL in May 2009.

Direct download: StoriesMay2009.mp3
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This episode stars Amy Guth (Pilcrow Lit Fest, Three Fallen Women). It was recorded at Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago, IL in May 2009.

Direct download: SkinnyLegsAndAllMay2009.mp3
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This episode stars John Domini (Talking Heads: 77). It was recorded at Domini Manor in Des Moines, IA in April 2009.

Direct download: TalkingHeadsApril2009.mp3
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This episode stars Jamie Iredell (Prose.Poems.A Novel). It was recorded at Vickery's Bar and Grill in Atlanta, GA in April 2009.

Direct download: AtlantaApril2009.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:55am CDT

This episode stars Spencer Dew (Songs of Insurgency). It was recorded at The Oasis Cafe in Chicago, IL in February 2009.

Direct download: Well-packagedFebruary2009.mp3
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