This episode stars Patricia Ann McNair (Temple of Air). It was recorded at Columbia College in Chicago, IL in December 2013.

Direct download: TheFCCWontLetMeBeDecember2013.mp3
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This episode stars Giano Cromley (The Last Good Halloween). It was recorded at The Berghoff in Chicago, IL in November 2013.

Direct download: SexandDrugsandMollyRingwaldNovember2013.mp3
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This episode stars Shawn Syms (Friend.Follow.Text.). It was recorded at the Whistler in Chicago, IL in November 2013.

Direct download: Transgressive.mp3
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This episode stars Pamela Erens (Understory, The Virgins: A Novel). It was recorded the Connors Park Argo Tea in Chicago, IL in October 2013.

Direct download: HeadyOctober2013.mp3
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This episode stars Davis Schneiderman ([SIC], Multifesto: A Henri d’Mescan Remix ). It was recorded at Lake Forest College's Chicago office in October 2013.

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This episode stars David S. Atkinson (Bones Buried in the Dirt). It was recorded sitting on sidewalk along California Street in Denver, CO in October 2013.

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This episode stars Jeff Phillips (Votary Nerves, Turban Tan, Wood Sugars). It was recorded at Black Rock Pub & Kitchen in Chicago, IL in September, 2013.

Direct download: HereComesYourManSeptember2013.mp3
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This episode stars Chris L. Terry and special guest Ezra Claytan Daniels (Zero Fade). It was recorded live at the Chicago Publishers Resource Center in Chicago, IL as part of the Zero Fade Blog Tour in August, 2013.

Direct download: ZeroFadeAugust2013.mp3
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This episode stars Mason Johnson (Sad Robot Stories). It was recorded at the Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago, IL in August 2013.

Direct download: SadRobotStoriesAugust2013.mp3
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This episode stars Michael Czyzniejewski (Chicago Stories: 40 Dramatic Fictions). It was (mostly) recorded driving east on Division in Chicago, IL in July 2013.

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