This episode stars Laural Winter, Jennifer Banash (The Elite), Timothy Schaffert (downtown Omaha Lit Fest) and Gail Konop Baker (Cancer is a Bitch). It was recorded at The Fixx Coffee Bar in Chicago, IL in May 2008. 

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This episode stars Jason Behrends (Orange Alert), Nick Ostdick (Sunbeams and Cigarettes), Jason Jordan (decomP, Powering the Devil's Circus), Tim Hall (Half-Empty, Full of It and more), Jason Pettus (CCLaP) and Amy Guth (Three Fallen Women). It was recorded at The Book Cellar in Chicago, IL in April 2008.

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This episode stars Joanna Topor MacKenzie and Terry Griffith (The Parlor) and Caroline Picard (Green Lantern Gallery and Press). It was recorded at the Beachwood Inn in Chicago, IL in March 2008.

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This episode stars Keidra Chaney (Enjoy and Exciting!). It was recorded at Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago, IL in February 2008. 

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This episode stars Pete Anderson (Pete Lit). It was recorded at Mary's Cafe in Chicago, IL in February 2008. 

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