This episode stars Brad Listi (Other People with Brad Listi). It was recorded over speaker phone between the TBWCYL, Inc. corporate offices in Chicago, IL and Listi's garage in Los Angeles, CA in January 2015.

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This episode stars James Tadd Adcox (Does Not Love, The Map of the System of Human Knowledge). It was recorded at The Bar Below in Chicago, IL in December 2014.

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This episode stars Susan Hope Lanier (The Game We Play). It was recorded at a table in the DePaul University Loop Campus atrium in Chicago, IL in December 2014.

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This episode stars Brad King (The Geeky Press, Dungeons & Dreamers). It was recorded way high up in the super fucking swanky Holiday Inn Mart Plaza in Chicago, IL in November 2014.

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This episode stars Bill Hillmann (The Old Neighborhood). It was recorded driving along I-94 E from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL in November 2014.

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This episode stars Clayton Smith (Apocalypticon, Dapper Press). It was recorded at a Panera Bread on State Street in Chicago, IL in October 2014.

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This episode stars Ryan Kenealy (Animals in Peril). It was recorded in Millenium Park in Chicago, IL in October 2014.

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This episode stars Keir Graff (Booklist, The Other Felix, The Price of Liberty). It was recorded at Booklist's office in Chicago, IL in September 2014.

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This episode stars Mike Joyce (Literary Orphans). It was recorded at Miller's Pub in Chicago, IL in August 2014.

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