This episode stars Rachel Slotnick (In Lieu of Flowers). It was recorded at Trader Vic's in Chicago, IL in August 2015.

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This episode stars RA Washington (Guide To Kulchur, Citi). It was recorded at Guide To Kulchure in Cleveland, OH in July 2015.

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This episode stars Jennifer Pastiloff (The Manifest-Station). It was recorded at GePaDe Caffe in Chicago, IL in August 2015.

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This episode stars Daniel Nester (How to Be Inappropriate, God Save My Queen, The Incredible Sestina Anthology). It was recorded at Uncommon Grounds in Albany, NY in July 2015.

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This special live episode stars Michael Czyzniejewski reading from, and discussing, his new short story collection I Will Love You For The Rest of My Life: Breakup Stories at The Book Cellar in Chicago, IL in August 2015.

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This episode stars Sean H Doyle (This Must be The Place). It was recorded over the Skype between the TBWCYL, Inc. corporate offices in Chicago, IL and Compton's home in Brooklyn, NY in July 2015.

Direct download: YoureStillHumanJuly2015.mp3
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This episode stars Jonathan Travelstead (How We Bury Our Dead). It was recorded at Lillie's Q iin Chicago, IL in July 2015.

Direct download: LuckiestGuyEverJuly2015.mp3
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This episode stars Matt Rowan (Big Venerable, Why God Why) and Joseph G. Peterson (Twilight of the Idiots, Beautiful Piece). It was recorded at Sheffield's in Chicago, IL in July 2015.

Direct download: AnarchicNonSequitursJuly2015.mp3
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This episode stars Liz Mason (Quimby's, Caboose #9, Britney Spears 101). It was recorded at McCormick Place during C2E2 in Chicago, IL in April 2015.

Direct download: AwesomeApril2015.mp3
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This episode stars Yogi Roth (Life in a Walk). It was recorded while walking, of course, and sitting, in the Old Town and Gold Coast neighborhoods in Chicago, IL in May 2015.

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